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Obsolete Electronic Parts

Find the parts you need now. We have access to over 10 million components around the world

It's not necessary to enter the part number in its exact format or in full. For example, searching for PL082X61 will find PL082X-61-10.

Sourcing Obsolete Electronic Components

We solve your component sourcing problems

We source long lead-time, hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts.

We help you get the components you need at the right time & price.  We work across various sectors including automotive, medical, military, aerospace, transport, and telecoms.

We believe we are the best solution to your component sourcing needs because we offer:

  • Accurate stock levels available 24/7
  • Fast response to RFQs
  • Component testing.

And we are:

  • A successful, stable, long-term partner
  • A quality-focused, reliable UK supplier
  • With 30 years of experience of the component marketplace
  • A wide network of international contacts.

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A complete sourcing service

We offer a complete parts sourcing service, including testing, tape and reeling, and RoHS conversion. Our clients particularly value our 24/7 online stock check and our rapid response to RFQs.

Reliable sourcing from Asia

Asia has a large number of electronic parts suppliers but determining their reliability can be challenging. Our extensive experience, plus our ERAI membership, alleviates the concerns associated with procuring components from Asia.

Quality Assured

All parts of our business provide a quality assured service.  We are accredited for  ISO9001 and fully registered with JOSCAR.

Simplify your supply chain

A complex supply chain may mean costs and delays.  Using Auckland as your sole supplier of obsolete electronic components simplifies your supply chain and reduces administration overheads.

Selling Excess Electronic Parts

We sell your excess stock of electronic parts turning unwanted components into cash. Our worldwide network of contacts and 30 years of experience get you the maximum return, and a rapid sale.  We enable you to realise the cash value of your excess stock of electronic components.

Every year more than 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated worldwide.  We help companies turn their excess components into cash, not trash.

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Other Services

Tyohm resistors

Tyohm Resistors LogoWe are UK agents for Taiwanese electronic parts manufacturer  Tyohm Resistors. They supply major multinational companies such as Acer, Samsung, Philips and Panasonic.

Contact switches

We supply contact switches which deliver the same high quality as parts from the big name brands at much lower prices.

Oil-Rite lubrication equipment

Oil-Rite LogoAuckland International are the UK distributors for Oil-Rite lubrication equipment.

Custom flexible air ducting

Auckland supply specialist custom flexible air ducting. The ducting is made to each client’s precise specification.

Cree LEDs

Cree LEDs deliver superior price & performance: we can help with specific binning requirements.