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Making a safe business environment for the electronic component supply chain

ERAI Membership Verification
We are members of ERAI because we share their vision : “to make the global electronic supply chain a safe business environment through industry cooperation, education, data sharing and promotion of best business practices.”    You can verify Auckland International’s ERAI membership by clicking here.

ERAI provides us with tools, information and risk assessment data to manage and reduce the risk of counterfeit and non-conforming components and using problematic suppliers. In 2022 ERAI reported a total of 768 suspect counterfeit and nonconforming parts.  ERAI provides us with a range of risk mitigation solutions including the largest database of counterfeit components and high risk suppliers.  Our use of their services is part of our commitment to providing a Quality Assured service to our clients.

ERAI was founded in 1995, and we have been members since 20 July 1998. ERAI is global and has no geographic restrictions on membership.  It links together companies from over 40 countries spanning six continents.  It  monitors, investigates and reports issues affecting the electronics components supply chain world-wide. It’s members include aerospace, defence, medical, nuclear and commercial OEMs,  distributors and government agencies.

ERAI also stays up to date with changing laws and regulations, industry trends and evolving counterfeiter tactics. They share this knowledge and expertise through their website, training and networking. Before 2007 it was known as the Electronic Resellers Association International.

Sourcing Obsolete Electronic Components