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Custom Flexible Ventilation Ducting

Custom made extraction and ventilation ducting

We supply flexible extraction and ventilation ducting custom made to each client’s precise specification. It is precision-made exactly to the size required.  A range of materials are available, suitable for a wide variety of different applications.

It is used in many sectors including aerospace and military applications, for ducting both air and exhaust.

Flexible ducting construction

The ducting is constructed of one of a range of materials encapsulating a wire helix made of spring steel.  A black PVC scuffstrip and wire-free cuffs are fitted as standard. The materials are chosen to match the application.  The materials available include:

  • Woven glass fibre, impregnated and coated with neoprene
  • Silicone for temperatures up to 300C
  • Lighter Duty PVC
  • Kevlar for temperatures up to 600C
  • Flame retardant and antistatic PVC.

Extraction Ducting Diagram

Flexible ducting applications

Applications of our custom flexible ducting include:

  • Extraction of exhaust from vehicles and aircraft during testing
  • Cooling electronic and other equipment
  • Moving cool air for ventilation
  • Moving warm air for space heating and for drying
  • Extraction of stale air from a building.

Industry sectors

Our flexible ducting is used in many industry and government sectors including:

  • Air forces
  • Civil air traffic
  • Air traffic control
  • Aircraft maintenance.

Flexible Air/Extraction Ducting