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Auckland International Company Profile

Obsolete Components: the Auckland Advantage

We believe we provide the best solution for sourcing obsolete electronic components.  Here’s why:

  • Component Stock levels available 24/7: accurate stock levels of a vast range of obsolete electronic components are available online 24/7
  • Fast response to RFQs: we confirm price and delivery a.s.a.p.
  • Component testing: we can provide a wide range of tests on a wide range of components
  • Established business: we are a successful, financially stable, long-term partner
  • Quality-focused reliable supplier: our ISO 9001 registration and ERAI membership demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability
  • Sourcing made easy: we solve your component sourcing problems.
The Auckland International Office

The Auckland International Office

30 years of success

We have been solving component sourcing problems for our clients since 1984.  This has given us over 30 years of successful trading, which assures our clients that they are working with a successful, financial stable partner.

Long-term relationships

We aim to build up long-term relationships with both suppliers and clients.  We find the trust and understanding this brings helps us understand and meet the needs of our customers.

Industry knowledge and connections

In our 30 years of doing business we have built up a vast store of industry knowledge, and built up many valuable industry connections.  We use both of these to solve component sourcing problems for our clients.

How to use our component search

To start your search simply put in the part number and hit return.  Don’t worry about getting the exact format : the search is smart enough to manage this. For example, searching for 1234 will find parts numbered 12-34.  And don’t worry if you don’t have the full part number.  The search results will show you all the parts that match the text you enter.

For each part in the results the manufacturer and quantity available are shown, plus the status, showing if it is available, and highlighting if it ships today.  If you are happy with the part you can simply enter the quantity you need and click “add to cart”.  Alternatively, clicking “show details” enables you to enter the quantity you need and your target price, and add it to your basket.

When you are ready click “Send RFQ” and  enter your contact details, then click “Submit RFQ”.  It’s that simple!

Other Services

Our other services are delivered with the same focus on quality, reliability, and customer service.  They include:

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