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Cree LEDs

Cree LED flashlightCree LEDs deliver the industry’s best performance and are application-optimized to enable the lowest system cost. Cree XLamp LEDs are easy to choose, easy to use and designed to deliver beautiful, long-lasting, energy-efficient light.

The production and use of LEDs requires significantly less energy than incandescents or CFLs. With long-lasting Cree LED Lighting products, you’ll use fewer lamps.  You will also know there is no need to worry about any environmental impact from mercury or other toxic materials often present in other lighting technologies.

What is special about a Cree LED?

Cree’s advantage is in the materials used. Cree LED chips combine highly efficient InGaN materials with proprietary G. • SIC® substrates to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs.

Binning requirements and options.

Auckland International can help you with your specific binning requirements.  We can offer a variety of colours and options from the Cree LEDs range.

We can offer you from the Cree ranges  XHP, XP-L, XP-E2, XP-G2, XM-L2, MC-E, & XT-E and many more as listed below.

XHP35.23.45 x 3.45 mm1718 lm13 W162 lm/WHigh-CRI
 XD161.6 x 1.6 mm726 lm6 W172 lm/W
 XP-L23.45 x 3.45 mm1175 lm10 W169 lm/W
XP-G33.45 x 3.45 mm777 lm6 W190 lm/WWhite Royal Blue
 XT-E White3.45 x 3.45 mm629 lm5 W178 lm/WHigh Efficacy
 XP-L High Intensity3.45 x 3.45 mm1095 lm10 W136 lm/W
 XP-G23.45 x 3.45 mmHigh Efficacy: 735 lmHigh Efficacy: 6 WHigh Efficacy: 180 lm/WHigh Efficacy
 XP-E23.45 x 3.45 mm283 lm3 W137 lm/WWhite Colour
 XQ-E1.6 x 1.6 mm334 lm3 W128 lm/WWhite Colour
High Efficiency Photo Red
XQ-E High Intensity1.6 x 1.6 mm334 lm3 W128 lm/WWhite Colour
 XQ-A1.6 x 1.6 mm89 lm1 W118 lm/W
 XHP353.45 x 3.45 mm1712 lm13 W161 lm/WHigh-CRI
 XHP35 High Intensity3.45 x 3.45 mm1483 lm13 W139 lm/WHigh-CRI
 XP-L3.45 x 3.45 mm1150 lm10 W161 lm/W
 XM-L25 x 5 mm1052 lm10 W170 lm/W
 XP-E2 Torch3.45 x 3.45 mm3.5 W103 lm/W
 XB-D2.45 x 2.45 mm309 lm3 W128 lm/WWhite Colour
 XM-L5 x 5 mm1040 lm10 W158 lm/W
 XT-E Royal Blue3.45 x 3.45 mm5 W
XP-E High-Efficiency White3.45 x 3.45 mm349 lm3.3 W141 lm/W
 XP-G3.45 x 3.45 mm493 lm5 W146 lm/W
 XP-E3.45 x 3.45 mm307 lm3.5 W122 lm/WWhite Colour
High Efficiency Photo Red
 XP-C3.45 x 3.45 mm138 lm2 W96 lm/WWhite Colour
 XB-H2.45 x 2.45 mm550 lm5 W148 lm/W
 XH-G3 x 3 mm115 lm1 W186 lm/W
XH-B3 x 3 mm66 lm0.6 W152 lm/W
XQ-D1.6 x 1.6 mm225 lm2.3 W128 lm/W
XLamp ML-E3.5 x 3.4 mm58 lm1.6 W123 lm/WWhite Colour
 ML-C3.5 x 3.4 mm28 lm0.3 W120 lm/WParallel
 ML-B3.5 x 3.4 mm28 lm0.25 W116 lm/W
MX-66.5 x 6 mm339 lm4 W123 lm/WParallel
 MX-36.5 x 6 mm152 lm2 W94 lm/WParallel
 XR-E7 x 9 mm251 lm4 W99 lm/WWhite Colour
XR-C7 x 9 mm78 lm2 W70 lm/WWhite Colour