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Sell Your Excess & Surplus Electronic Components

Don’t miss out on the current high demand and high prices for electronic parts.  We help you find someone to buy the components you want to sell.

Companies often end up with excess holdings of electronic components, because it’s impossible to accurately predict future demand for their products.  We help them sell this surplus inventory.  We also help companies realise the cash value of excess electronic parts from a takeover, stock clearance or liquidation.

We find someone willing to buy your surplus electronic parts, in a job lot or by line item.  We are experts in getting you maximum return on unwanted overstock, with a worldwide network of industry contacts and over 30 years’ experience of the electronics industry.

Selling your components though  us offers these benefits:

  • a rapid injection of cash into the business
  • free up valuable storage space
  • simplify your stock management

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A good price and a rapid sale

We have years of experience of helping companies turn their surplus electronic components into cash.  We have a deep understanding of the electronics component marketplace worldwide. We have nurtured a network of long-standing business relationships with potential buyers.  All these combine to enable us to find you a good price and a rapid sale.

We provide a quality assured service, backed by our ISO 9001 certification.

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The model that works for you

We manage the sale of your stock in the way that works best for you.  We offer:

  • Consignment stocking: we ship the parts to our warehouse.  We sell them when we see the opportunity to get a good price.  You retain ownership until the parts are sold, paying us a percentage commission on the sale
  • Line item purchasing: this works like consignment stocking, except the components stay in your warehouse until they are sold
  • Lot purchasing: we purchase the components from you.  This gives you an instant cash injection, and releases your storage space immediately.

Your stock may be decreasing in value

Please do contact us to discuss your surplus stock.  We can quickly give you an initial estimate of its value.  That value may be depreciating over time. The longer the stock sits unused on your shelves, the less it may be worth when it is sold.

Re-use not refuse

If components are left unused for long enough the accountants will say “We’ve depreciated the value of that to zero, we’ve written off the costs.” After that, it’s hard to justify the cost of the storage space used, so perfectly usable components end up being thrown away.  That’s not good for the environment. It’s also not good for the company, because the accountants might be wrong.  We may well be able to find a buyer who does see a value in the components and is willing to pay cash for them.  There’s nothing to lose by giving us a call.