Our registration with JOSCAR renewed on 3 October 2023.  This demonstrates that we have satisfied all the requirements to become fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register, as set out by participating buying organisations.

JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a collaborative tool used within the aerospace, defence, and security sectors to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. Using JOSCAR can help streamline the procurement process for large organizations by providing a centralized source of supplier information.

One of the key advantages of JOSCAR is its ability to significantly reduce the time, cost, and administrative workload involved in the pre-qualification process. For suppliers, being JOSCAR registered means they have already undergone rigorous vetting in areas such as financial performance, health and safety, environmental and sustainability practices, quality management, and insurance and legal matters. This pre-vetting assures purchasers that JOSCAR registered companies are reliable, compliant, and fit for purpose.

Why choose a JOSCAR registered supplier?

Purchasing from a JOSCAR registered company provides assurance of quality, compliance, and efficiency, which are crucial in sectors where reliability and compliance are not just preferred but required. For organizations within the aerospace, defence, and security industries, using JOSCAR registered suppliers can lead to a more streamlined, secure, and efficient procurement process.JOSCAR registered

  1. Quality Assurance: JOSCAR registration is a mark of quality. It indicates that a supplier has met stringent standards required by some of the biggest global players in defence, aerospace, and security.
  2. Reduced Risk: the risk associated with procurement is significantly reduced. The thorough vetting process ensures suppliers are compliant with necessary regulations and standards, thus minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated costs.
  3. Efficiency in Procurement: the centralized database saves time for purchasers. Instead of individually verifying each potential supplier’s credentials, they can rely on the JOSCAR register for pre-qualified suppliers.
  4. Enhanced Security:  JOSCAR ensures that suppliers are vetted for security measures, thus maintaining the integrity of supply chains.
  5. Ongoing Compliance: JOSCAR doesn’t just vet suppliers at the point of entry; it requires them to regularly update their information, ensuring ongoing compliance and up-to-date data for purchasers.