There are a vast number of suppliers selling up-to-date electronic components, but every day we help companies solve problems by supplying the obsolete components they need.  Why do they buy these from us?

Keeping a product viable

The most common reason is to keep an existing product, and its production line, viable.  Often the product has a longer life-cycle than the components it uses.  The product may be a few years old but still selling well, but one key component has reached EOL.  Redesigning the product and production line would take a lot of time and money, and is simply not cost-effective.

Certification and compliance

In certain industries, like aviation or healthcare, changing a component can require recertification of the equipment. Using the original, though obsolete, components avoids this lengthy and costly process.

Supply chain stability

In some cases, sourcing new components can be challenging due to supply chain disruptions. Sourcing obsolete components from us can provide a stable supply for ongoing needs.

Proof of concept

System designers working on a proof of concept may re-use existing designs as a starting point, including re-using their components.  They choose to get their proof of concept up and running as quickly as possible, rather than spending time making the changes  required to replace the obsolete parts with new ones.

Small-scale production runs

Some electronic systems, like phones, sell by the million.  others, in specialised applications, sell in the hundreds or less.  This can make the use of obsolete components viable. So long as the supply of the component exceeds the maximum possible need for it, there are no risks in using it.

We can help

If any of the above apply to you, we can help.  We have 30 years experience in supplying obsolete components, and a world-wide network of contacts and suppliers.  And you can check our current stock online here.